First aid after sunbathing: immediate measures for sunburn

First aid after sunbathing: immediate measures for sunburn

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Consciously enjoy the sun with these tips

The risk of sunburn increases with increasing temperatures. The scalp is at increased risk. Men in particular lose their former hair splendor with increasing age and offer more exposure to UV radiation. In some places, the sun shines directly on the unprotected and sensitive scalp. A burning, itching or feeling of tension announce the sunburn. However, there are many simple measures and prevention options that you can take against the annoying burns.

When you burn for the first time or when you get reddened (preferably before), a shady spot should be sought immediately. A damp cloth on the head or the affected area can provide initial relief. Now it is important to drink enough water, as this helps the skin to regenerate. Another measure is to apply after-sun, panthenol or aloe vera spray to the affected areas. Alternatively, curd wrap can also be used here. Before going to bed, the affected area can be treated with coconut oil to support regeneration overnight.

If these symptoms occur, a doctor should be consulted

First aid for heat stroke and sunstroke: A heat stroke manifests itself through symptoms such as a bright red head, headache, dizziness, disorientation, nausea and vomiting, increased body temperature up to fever or changes in consciousness. Affected persons should be brought to the shade immediately, cooled with cold and damp towels on their head and neck and taken to a doctor as soon as possible. If the victim has lost consciousness and is breathing normally, they should be put on their side and called to an ambulance.

Prevention measures for the head

Appropriate headgear protects the skin from strong sunlight. It should be ensured that this is as airy as possible and that the heat does not build up underneath. However, the headgear must not consist of materials that allow too much UV rays to pass through. Many providers already point out a certain UV protection. This can be taken into account when buying. In addition, a spray with UV protection can also prevent sunburn to a certain extent.

Hair care for scalp sunburn

If you have contracted a sunburn on the scalp, you should take care of the scalp for the first few days afterwards. This includes not coming into contact with the scalp when coming, not using peelings and not using products with alcohol. Blow drying should also be avoided for the time being, as this can additionally irritate the skin.

Home remedies for sunburn

Furthermore, numerous home remedies for sunburn have proven their worth. In addition to the already mentioned stay in the shade and the increased fluid intake, the burned areas can be treated with aloe vera juice, cold black tea or with a porridge of water and healing earth. Yogurt, curd cheese and ASS also alleviate the symptoms.

Diet that contributes to sun protection

Antioxidants naturally protect the skin from the inside. Proper nutrition can therefore contribute to a certain degree of sun protection. Antioxidants can be ingested, for example, through tomatoes, peppers, carrots, cabbage or fennel.

It's best not to get sunburn at all

The internet portal "" from the professional association of German dermatologists published seven rules with which one can protect oneself against sunburn and in the worst case resultant skin cancer:

  1. To get used to it, the first sunbath should take place in the shade.
  2. Adequate UV-A and UV-B sun protection factor with waterproof cream extends the safe stay in the sun.
  3. Avoid the sun between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.
  4. Pay special attention to children. The skin does not forget childhood sunburns.
  5. Pay attention to covering clothing, sunglasses and headgear when walking.
  6. Discuss any skin problems, diseases and medication intake with a dermatologist before the holiday.
  7. Check the skin regularly for changes and clarify any abnormalities with a dermatologist.


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