Metal particles: Recalls of popular nut nougat cream started

Metal particles: Recalls of popular nut nougat cream started

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Recall: Foreign bodies found in nut nougat cream from Nusweet

The company Nusweet has started a recall for the product "Nut Nougat Cream" (180g glass). Metal particles were found in the spread. Affected goods should not be consumed.

Metal particles in nut nougat cream

Nusweet GmbH from Hamburg is recalling its product "Nut-Nougat-Creme" in 180 grams glass with the date of minimum durability 09.10.2019 and the batch number / lot identification 09.10.2019, reports the portal "" of the federal states and the federal office for consumer protection. "Foreign bodies (metal particles) were found in a glass," it says.

Popular spread

The nut-nougat cream with coconut blossom sugar from Nusweet "is available in well-stocked organic and health food stores as well as online," the company writes.

The sweet spread is very popular.

Just a few months ago, the natural food magazine Schrot & Korn reported that this cream came first in an evaluation in organic shops.

Foreign bodies cannot be completely excluded

Due to errors in the manufacturing processes, contamination or foreign bodies such as metal, plastic or glass parts can repeatedly occur in food products.

According to experts, these cannot be completely ruled out even if the surveillance should always be complete.

In addition to foreign bodies, contamination with health-threatening germs is a common reason for food recalls. (ad)

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