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Allergy prevention during pregnancy

Allergy prevention during pregnancy

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Especially at the beginning of pregnancy, many parents worry that their own child could suffer from an illness. In particular, the topic of allergies worries many expectant parents. Especially if one parent already has an allergy, you want to spare your own child. But are there any preventive measures that protect the child from allergies during pregnancy?

The immune system

Close monitoring of the mother and child's immune system is important during pregnancy. The child's defenses are significantly influenced by the environment of the mother-to-be. This means that a mother who lives in a more rural environment and thus comes into contact with "germs" can already strengthen the child's immune system.


In order to ensure full care for the child, the mother needs a balanced diet. The saying "eating for two" really applies, but make sure you eat a healthy diet with the right nutrients. Vitamins and sufficient minerals such as iron and folic acid are strongly required. You don't get these nutrients from fast food, of course, but from freshly prepared dishes and enough fruit and vegetables. Regular consumption of fish dishes can also strengthen the child's immune system.

Medicines, cigarettes and alcohol

It should be clear to everyone that drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes is extremely harmful to the unborn baby. Passive smoking also poses a significant danger to you and especially to the child. In addition, inhaling smoke increases the occurrence of an allergy, such as allergic asthma. Therefore, make it clear to your surroundings that you are carrying a child.

If you need to take any prescription medication, you should contact your doctor to find out whether it could have a negative impact on the child's health.

Dealing with animals

When pregnancy begins, many parents are unsure of what to do with the animal they love. Nevertheless, one thing in advance: The animal does not have to be handed over. If you are unsure, get advice from your doctor.

If you follow the following “rules” for your home, you significantly minimize the possibility of an allergy:

  • Wash your hands regularly! Especially if you want to take a meal, you should eat the food with your hands washed so that you do not eat any possible allergens.
  • If you keep cats as pets, you should leave it to your partner to clean the litter box. Cats can transmit so-called toxoplasmosis pathogens, which you can only treat with antibiotic therapy.
  • Be sure to have your pet checked through to your veterinarian regularly. Essential vaccinations and early detection of possible diseases is extremely important.

Further reading

The allergist and nutritionist Dr. In her free guide, Imke Reese gives detailed tips on the topic of “Allergy prevention in children”. There you will also find an interview with the child pneumologist Prof. Dr. med. Christian Vogelberg, who is dedicated to the topic of hyposensitization in children. (Charleen Tesch, Editing NeoAvantgarde)

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