News about medicinal herbs: witch herbs from Claudia Ritter

Old naturopathy rediscovered
In this book Claudia Ritter wrote down remarkable things about the old herbal women and their medicinal plants. She describes the historical background, provides portraits of the individual "witch herbs", gives practical tips for use and takes us into the magical and healing world of herbal women.

In the entertaining introduction to the history of the “witches” we not only learn historical facts and data, but also also more about the meaning of the moon phases or zodiac signs for the herbal women. Portraits of verbena, horehound, Günsel, lady's mantle, tansy and many other well-known and unknown medicinal plants bring their use to life back then and in today's medicine. 15 exciting short descriptions about plant rituals such as nesting and oracles remind of old and still valid traditions. This also includes the puzzling practices of weather-making.

The author has put together a variety of traditional and up-to-date healing and pleasure recipes such as chickweed soup, comfrey vegetables or nettle egg salad, moonlight valerian tincture or angelica wine for your readers. Many recipes complete the work. This is how we learn how to make a Günsel tea or tincture, how to perform an angelica bath for rheumatism and gout, how to use a comfrey envelope for skin wound healing disorders and much more.

The book is very appealing and of high quality. Particularly impressive: the beautiful plant photos.

Claudia Ritter: witch herbs. Rediscover herbalist knowledge. Stuttgart: Ulmer Verlag, 2018. 160 pages, 98 color photos, 14 color drawings, flap brochure. ISBN 978-3-8186-0366-3. 19.90 EUR

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