With this method, women with obesity shed 30 kilograms

With this method, women with obesity shed 30 kilograms

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Simple method helped woman lose nearly 30 pounds

After the death of her mother, a young woman from Great Britain stuffed tons of unhealthy food into herself and finally weighed over 100 kilograms. When her overweight caused more and more health problems, she decided to lose weight. A simple method helped her, which she now recommends to other people for weight loss.

Use lunch break to lose weight

To get leaner faster, many people often rely on nutritional programs that, for example, rely on low fat or low carbohydrates. It is also often recommended to consume a lot of protein to lose weight. Some tricks, such as small plates, can also help you lose weight. A young woman from the UK also had a good idea to help her fight her overweight. For this she used her lunch break.

Health problems due to being overweight

Lobke Meulemeester says she has let herself go after her mother's death and has been stuffed with unhealthy foods such as buttered toast, biscuits, chips, pizza and cheese sticks for a long time.

"I was out of control," said the British woman according to "Women's Health". In January 2015 she had reached a body weight of 105 kg. It has never been so difficult.

When she finally felt short of breath after climbing the stairs and suffered from back pain after short distances, she became afraid.

She thought, "This is silly. I'm 33 and I literally eat myself to death. "

Pedometer brought motivation

"Life passed me by and I knew I had to change," said the young woman. However, she wasn't ready to go to the gym. Instead, she organized a fitness tracker.

She was aware that the desk job was not helpful in losing weight, but she had no idea how idle she had been all the time.

On the first day with her pedometer, she said she only reached 8,000 steps, 10,000 were recommended.

The British then came up with the idea of ​​using the whole lunch break to go for a walk. So she finally came to 15,000 steps a day.

Walking regularly helped her lose weight. As a result, she gained self-confidence and after a few months started Zumba courses and after further weight loss, she decided to train in a gym.

Healthier eating habits

In parallel with her physical activities, she changed her eating habits. You now eat a lot of protein, fruits and vegetables.

The young woman also stated that she does not want to be too strict with herself and also allows herself treats such as chocolate or biscuits, but only in small quantities.

Today she weighs 74 kilos. She agreed to that. “This is a lifestyle change, not a race. I have time to achieve my goals, ”said Meulemeester. She also shares her successes on Instagram. There she receives additional motivation because she is cheered on by “60,000 strangers”. "I respect myself again. And of course my health has improved dramatically. ”

The British also wants to encourage other people not to give up: "Set yourself small goals." This also helped her. (ad)

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