The one with the Blubb: Iglo starts recall campaign for cream spinach

Risk of injury from plastic parts: Iglo recalls cream spinach

The frozen food manufacturer Iglo has started a recall for a specific batch of cream spinach. Small black plastic parts with sharp edges could be in the product. This means that there is a certain risk of injury when chewing or swallowing.

Recall for Iglo cream spinach

The frozen food manufacturer iglo Germany calls back the 800g package of the product "iglo cream spinach" and warns of the consumption of the relevant batch. "The reason for the precautionary recall of the batch" 800g package - iglo cream spinach "is that small black plastic parts of approximately 8 mm in length and approximately 4 mm in width could occur," the company wrote in a message. "These could have sharp edges, so there is a certain risk of injury when chewing or swallowing," it says.

Plastic parts probably come from outdoor cultivation

According to the information, the two plastic parts probably come from field cultivation.

The 800-gram pack of Iglo cream spinach (“the one with the blubb”) with the expiration date 09.2019 and the code L7257AJ005, which is stated on the packaging page, are affected by the recall.

Since this is a very limited production period, the company requests not only the code, but also the time (11 p.m. to 3 a.m.).

Affected goods should be disposed of

According to the manufacturer, packs from the batch were only delivered to the sales outlets in the federal states of Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Thuringia, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia and Baden Württemberg.

"Consumers are asked to dispose of the relevant products" 800g pack / iglo cream spinach ". Iglo reimburses the purchase price for the named product and, if applicable, for the postage costs, ”says the message.

For this purpose, the company requests that the packaging section with the coding listed be sent to the following address: iglo GmbH, consumer service "800g - iglo cream spinach" Osterbekstr. 90c, 22083 Hamburg.

Iglo recalled frozen spinach two years ago because plastic parts had been found in it. At that time, certain packages of "iglo cream spinach, lactose-free variant, 550g" were affected. (ad)

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