After a bicycle accident: 8-year-old dies from carnivorous bacteria

Necrotizing fasciitis: eight-year-old dies from infection with carnivorous bacteria

In the United States, an eight-year-old boy died after being infected with "carnivorous bacteria". He had been infected in a supposedly harmless bicycle accident a few days earlier. The doctors had tried to save the child's life through amputations - to no avail.

Boy dies a few days after a bicycle accident

It happens quite often that young children get injured while playing. Usually this is not a matter of great concern. In a little boy from the United States, however, such an injury was not easy. He became infected with "carnivorous bacteria" in a supposedly harmless bicycle accident, in which the handlebar of the bike bored his leg, and died a few days later.

Bloody wound on the thigh

According to a report by The Oregonian newspaper, eight-year-old Liam F. from Pilot Rock, Oregon, suffered a bleeding thigh wound in a bicycle accident that was sewn by doctors in a hospital emergency room.

The child struggled for his life a few days later: according to the report, the mother and stepfather noticed the little one that something was wrong when the boy complained of severe groin pain.

When his stepfather glanced at it, he noticed that the groin area was "purple-red and burny".

The couple immediately took the little one to St. Anthony Hospital in Pendleton, where the doctors found that he had contracted a dangerous bacterial infection.

The bacteria had apparently entered his body in the bicycle accident.

The boy's life was to be saved by amputations

The child underwent emergency surgery to remove infected tissue and was then flown with his mother to the Doernbech Children's Hospital in Portland.

There the nightmare continued: "Surgeons tried to counter the rare but deadly infection known as necrotizing fasciitis by amputating parts of the boy's body," writes The Oregonian.

The stepfather expressed it more drastically: "You cut him piece by piece."

"Almost all of his right side was gone," said the boy's mother. "" You cut further and hoped. Cut and hope. "

Finally, Liam was taken to Randall Children's Hospital, where another team could see the problem. The boy died there.

Serious bacterial infection

According to the British National Heatlh Service (NHS), necrotizing fasciitis is a rare but serious bacterial infection that affects the tissue under the skin and the surrounding muscles and organs (fascia).

The infectious disease often begins with non-specific symptoms such as local pain and fever.

The affected areas swell within a few days, with the skin above the focus of infection initially becoming bluish-red and then bluish-gray.

"It is sometimes referred to as a" carnivorous disease "even though the bacteria it causes do not" eat "meat - they release toxins that damage nearby tissues," the NHS experts write.

"Necrotizing fasciitis can result from a relatively small injury, such as a small incision, but worsens very quickly and can be life-threatening if it is not recognized and treated early," the NHS continues.

Unfortunately, such infections occur again and again, as a case from Great Britain showed. There, a small child had been infected by a tiny laceration with "carnivorous bacteria" last year. (ad)

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