Sex education is not taboo in primary school

Sex education is not taboo in primary school

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ECHR: Teachers are allowed to answer children's questions
Parents cannot request that they stop sex education in primary school. Teachers do not exceed their room for maneuver and upbringing when answering questions from primary school students about sexuality, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg ruled on Thursday, January 18, 2018 (Az .: 22338/15). The ECtHR dismissed the complaint of a mother from Basel as inadmissible.

The woman had requested in 2011 that her then seven-year-old daughter be excluded from sex education in primary school. She is not generally against sex education. In kindergarten or primary school, however, it was too early, she said.

The school administration rejected her application, as did the Swiss courts later.

In particular, the mother saw her right to respect for private and family life violated and lodged a complaint with the ECtHR.

The Strasbourg judges declared the complaint inadmissible. The now ten-year-old daughter never took part in systematic sex education classes in primary school. The teachers only answered questions from primary school students about sexuality.

Sex education in Swiss schools also pursues the legitimate aim of protecting schoolchildren of all ages from sexual violence and sexual exploitation. State education also has the duty to prepare students for social realities. According to the ECtHR, this could also justify the sexual education of children in primary school and kindergarten. The parents' right to bring up the child would not be violated in an inadmissible manner. fle / mwo

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