When losing weight: Better a delicious dessert instead of always snacking

When losing weight: Better a delicious dessert instead of always snacking

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When dieting or losing weight: love a dessert once a day instead of constantly snacking
Those who want to lose weight mostly get into a craving for food. Anyone who likes to eat a lot of sweets before will get cravings after a day of abstinence at the latest. That is why nutrition experts recommend rethinking. Instead of constantly thinking about it and snacking again, it is better to simply eat a dessert and refrain from it afterwards. Nutrition expert Silke Schwartau from the Hamburg Consumer Center explains why this is better.

Damage to health from too much sweets
A honey bread in the morning, a handful of gummy bears in between, and a juicy piece of cake in the late afternoon: Many people like to eat sweetly and therefore eat sugary foods several times a day. But that is not good for the body. Because this results in a permanently increased insulin level, which in the case of an appropriate disposition e.g. can promote the development of diabetes. In addition, too many sweets can trigger a real addiction, causing those affected to feel a constant craving for sweets.

Avoid permanent exposure to sugar
"It is important for health that there is no permanent exposure to sugar," emphasizes nutrition expert Silke Schwartau. Instead of snacking several times a day, it is better to eat sweet desserts after lunch. This is usually healthier, because if you already have something in your stomach, the sugar will not be absorbed by the blood as quickly as in the "sober" state, the expert from the Hamburg consumer center continued. An ideal dessert, of course, still contains only small amounts of sugar.

Better snack on a homemade dessert

Walnuts and sports as an alternative to sweet snacks
If a dessert at lunchtime is not enough to satisfy your cravings, various alternatives to sweets can help. For example, Fruit, fresh vegetables and unsweetened tea, even nuts can be a good substitute.

Anyone who uses sweets especially when stressed should pay attention to a good balance in the form of sports or relaxation exercises. Because activities such as jogging, swimming, yoga or autogenic training promote a feeling of balance and thus help to be tempted less quickly. (sb)

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