Even slimmer without a diet: Why some do not get fatter

Even slimmer without a diet: Why some do not get fatter

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Permanently slim people use different weight control strategies
Some people just have to look at food and they gain weight. Others can eat what and how much they want and still do not gain weight, according to the observation of many. A study by researchers from Cornell University in New York has investigated why not a few people are able to maintain their weight without dieting. The scientists are clearing up some myths with the results and at the same time explaining how those who want to lose weight can lose weight more easily.

In order to reduce excess weight or achieve a healthy weight, many rely on restrictive diets, which are difficult to maintain and can ultimately lead to weight gain again, reports the research team led by Anna-Leena Vuorinen. According to the researchers, people who are able to maintain a healthy body weight without a constant diet form an interesting group for scientific research, since they have obviously found a way to achieve success without any particular effort. Overweight people could also benefit from this, write Vuorinen and colleagues.

Enjoyment-based food and listen to the inner voice
For their study, the researchers compared two different groups of subjects. The participants in the first group were able to maintain a healthy body weight without strict diets.

"The other group consisted of people who had often been on a diet, often thought about their eating habits and ate very consciously," the university said. According to the researchers, the “thoughtlessly slim” also showed certain behavioral strategies that enable them to hold their body weight, but this happens subconsciously. Their “weight control strategies” differed significantly from the traditional recommendations for weight loss. For example, the consumption of high-quality food, cooking at home and listening to the inner signals were very important to them.

The eternally slim people showed a more enjoyment-based approach to eating and listened more to their inner voice, Vuorinen and colleagues continued. Feelings of guilt after extensive meals, as often occurred in the other group of participants, were not to be found in the eternally slim.

Essential aspects not taken into account?
"These results are encouraging because they imply that instead of restricting their diet to avoid being overweight or gaining weight, sufferers only have to learn to listen to the inner signals and focus on quality rather than quantity of food," said Anna-Leena Vuorinen .

Although these factors can have a significant impact, important aspects from other studies are ignored here, which can have a significant impact on body weight when eating the same foods.

For example, scientists from the Weizmann Institute in Israel recently found that there is a wide variance in the effects of food on different people. The metabolism of the food can differ significantly, so that some people form more fat deposits than others with the same food intake, the Israeli researchers reported in the specialist magazine "Cell".

According to the experts, general diet recommendations are pointless. In her opinion, body weight could only be effectively regulated with individually adapted nutritional recommendations. (fp)

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