Embryo was frozen for almost 24 years: woman gives birth to "snow baby"

"Snow baby" born: woman carries 24-year-old embryo

A 25-year-old American has delivered an embryo that has been frozen for over 24 years. Doctors speak of a so-called "snow baby". An anonymous couple's embryo was frozen in 1992 for in vitro fertilization to be used by a woman who could not or did not want to conceive naturally.

Postpone having a child until later

There are more and more women who want to have children, but postpone their plans to later years, for example to have enough time for their careers. So-called “social freezing” is becoming increasingly popular. With the help of this method you can create the desire to have children in ice. In the process, egg cells are removed from the woman and frozen. Years later, they can be thawed again, fertilized in the laboratory and used for women. But not only egg cells can be frozen, but also embryos. A young American has had one used and has now given birth to a baby. The bizarre thing about it: the embryo is almost as old as the woman herself.

Embryo is almost as old as the mother

On November 25, a girl was born in the US state of Tennessee, which was created from the world's oldest embryo to date.

As the news channel "CNN" reports, Emma Wren Gibson is the result of an Jeffrey Keenan, medical director of the National Embryo Donation Center in Knoxville, frozen embryos.

Emma's parents said they were very surprised when they were told the age of the embryo in the spring.

"Do you realize that I'm only 25? This embryo and I could have been best friends, ”said mother, Tina Gibson.

Previously, the oldest known frozen embryo that had a successful birth was 20 years old.

However, the now 26-year-old told CNN: "I don't care whether it is a world record or not."

Donation from an anonymous couple

Weighing six pounds and 50 centimeters tall, Emma is a healthy baby. "It is a precious Christmas present," said the mother.

Benjamin, 33, said: "As soon as it came out, I fell in love with it."

The baby's story began long before the Gibsons "adopted" it. Your embryo is from an anonymous couple.

It was frozen for in vitro fertilization (IVF) in 1992 to be used by a woman who could not or did not want to conceive naturally.

In such cases, “CNN” writes “snow babies”, potential human lives waiting to be born.

Application for embryo adoption

When the Gibsons married seven years ago, it was clear that they couldn't have a child naturally.

"My husband has cystic fibrosis, and infertility is common," said Tina, adding that they had decided to adopt a child.

Then, however, she made her father aware of the so-called embryo adoption, about which he had seen something in the news.

Last summer, they finally applied for such adoption at the National Embryo Donation Center in Knoxville, Tennessee.

After various tests and examinations the time had come and the embryo was transplanted into the uterus. Tina gave birth to her daughter a few weeks ago.

New world record?

It is unclear whether this is actually a new world record.

"Identifying the oldest known embryo is simply impossible," said Dr. Zaher Merhi of the New Hope Fertility Center in New York, who had nothing to do with the recent case.

According to the information, American companies are not obliged to report the embryo used to the government, but only the outcome of the pregnancy, so "nobody has these records".

However, other experts point to a study of a 20-year-old frozen embryo that had a successful birth. (ad)

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