Are the Germans still happy?

Are the Germans still happy?

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Anticipation study: Three out of four respondents are happy

Despite the crises in the world, the often dissatisfied dissatisfaction with domestic politics and a growing gap between rich and poor, most people in this country are currently relatively happy. This is the result of the first German “anticipation study”, which was carried out by the University of Passau and FP Finanzpartner AG.

"When examining the general state of mind of the respondents, it was found that 77 percent of the participants described themselves as happy," said the University of Passau. The current study also made it clear what people are most looking forward to and what makes them confident. In general, the Germans are currently very positive, according to the study authors.

People in Bavaria particularly happy

In the representative online survey, the scientists determined on the basis of 1,000 test subjects what their confidence, hopes and wishes were. Three quarters of the respondents consider themselves to be happy, with older people being happier on average than younger people. In addition, married people living together were significantly happier than single and separated people. In regional terms, people were particularly happy in Bavaria, where at least four out of five respondents said they were happy.

Family and friends reason for anticipation

According to the survey results, the test subjects feel anticipation especially when thinking about spending time with family and friends. "If the participants were asked what they were most looking forward to tomorrow, it can be seen that spending time with family and friends is a priority, while anticipation for work and job is the least," emphasizes Dr. Stefan Mang from the Center for Market Research at the University of Passau. When looking forward to the job, people seem to be primarily monetarily controlled. According to the researchers, the anticipation of work and job increases with increasing household income.

Confident view of the next year

Looking at the next year, a majority of the respondents are positive. Most of the subjects are confident about the coming twelve months. For example, 82 percent said they were looking forward to the next year and 16 percent were even “very strong” on a ten-point scale, reports the University of Passau. Family and friends, vacation and travel as well as excursions or walks are the most frequently cited reasons for anticipation.

Fears play a subordinate role

Professor Dr. Jan Hendrik Schumann from the University of Passau emphasizes that he finds it remarkable "how high is the proportion of respondents who view their current situation positively and look forward to the near future with great anticipation." the very close social environment and the positive assessment of one's own health situation. Meanwhile, "Issues such as extremism or fear of terror only play a downstream role in assessing one's personal situation"; said Prof. Schumann.

Extremism and fear of terror

The factors that most concern respondents include fear of illness, rising living costs, the refugee situation, political extremism and the risk of terrorism. In general, however, the Germans are confident about the future, according to the study authors.

What are the wishes of the Germans?

The scientists also recorded which smaller wishes the test subjects would like to fulfill. The question asked was what the study participants would spontaneously do with 100 euros if they were given this as a gift. "Most people would go out to eat or shop with the money or use it for business," says Prof. Schumann. Men would tend to go to the restaurant, while women would rather invest the 100 euros in fashion stores, Schumann continues. When asked what the test subjects would most likely save for, travel, cars and the house or apartment were mentioned above all. (fp)

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