Young woman wants to relax with essential oils - and burns her face

Young woman wants to relax with essential oils - and burns her face

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Aromatherapy ends painfully: young woman burns her face
According to a scientific study, aromatherapy can relieve pain. However, such treatment can also cause pain, as a young woman from the UK experienced. She has burned her face with essential oils and is now warning others of the potential danger.

Relax with aromatherapy
Aromatherapy can also help against illnesses, but mostly the essential oils are used to relax. 24-year-old Emily Smith from Brighton, England also wanted to do this - with the help of an electric diffuser that spread the scent of patchouli and other oils in the apartment. But then there was a dramatic accident.

Essential oils can cause burns
Many people have experienced that aromatherapy can also end painfully.

For example, Elise Nguyen reported on Facebook earlier this year that essential oils can also cause severe burns.

According to her, she had applied a little essential lemon oil to her neck and wrists before her "hot yoga" lesson, but ignored the warning: "Keep away from sunlight or UV light up to twelve hours after application" lay down under the solarium.

"I contracted second and third degree burns," said Nguyen, who wanted to warn others at the time.

Atomizer sprayed oil on the face
The British Emily Smith was aware of such warnings, but apparently she did not consider all the risks.

As she wrote in her Facebook post, she had read numerous articles that emphasized how sensible diffusers are for relaxing, meditating and because of the "healing properties", but "not a single one about possible dangers".

When she tried to switch off the oil atomizer one evening after operation, she accidentally got her face in the drizzle.

According to her own statements, she knew that getting essential oils directly on the skin could be risky, but that she had not been aware that the evaporated "diluted" oil from the diffuser could be dangerous.

Avoidable incident
When she noticed a severe burning sensation on her face a few hours later, she first chilled it in cold water for ten and then another twenty minutes.

But it got worse. Severe redness and burn blisters developed. At the advice of the emergency call, she smeared Vaseline on her face.

Finally, home remedies such as aloe vera or cooling ointments can often help with light burns.

However, the pain worsened for the young woman, so she finally went to a hospital.

The doctors there diagnosed burns from the atomizer oil. Her eyes were also affected. In retrospect, it became clear to her that she hadn't washed off the oil while cooling, but had even increased the problem by distributing it.

Now she warns on Facebook about the dangers of essential oils: "I am very lucky that I can see at all and I am glad that the burn was not worse, but I have suffered permanent eye injuries and may have scars for life" the 24 year old.

"A life-changing incident that was avoidable." (Ad)

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