Science study: Banana peels protect against cancer

Science study: Banana peels protect against cancer

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Healthy banana peels? Benefit from waste product
Antioxidants and phenols found in banana peels have anti-cancer, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. This is indicated by a study carried out at the University of San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador. But the scientists did not approach the analysis of the levels of health-promoting ingredients in banana peels for this reason: it was rather the waste disposal that led to thinking about alternative ways of using bananas.

Background: Around 240,000 tons of bananas annually do not meet the quality requirements to be exported or sold in local markets. The reason is usually damage during harvesting or transportation. These "waste bananas" represent a serious environmental problem in Ecuador. If there is no recycling option, the problem of high organic pollution will not be solved. So what can you get from bananas? The scientists investigated this question by examining various types of bananas for their tannic acid or tannin levels in their skins.

Anyone who has successfully treated mild diarrheal diseases with crushed bananas and mixed with grated apples may also know about the effects of these ingredients, which are also contained in commercially available diarrhea preparations.

So far, however, science has not tried to get the banana peel. It is now known that the tannic and tannic acid content is highest in the initial ripening phase and decreases with increasing ripeness.

A finding that would have to be taken into account in a possible future economic use, as well as the choice of variety. Perhaps there will be preparations from banana waste on the market in the future. So ask your doctor or pharmacist. Friederike Heidenhof, resp

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