Co-travel project "As Friends to Kenya" combines help and vacation

Experience Africa: A sustainable encounter trip

Immerse yourself in everyday Kenyan life and take something new for your own life with you, the co-travel project "As Friends to Kenya" promises. At the same time, the income generated should help on the spot. The association Lebendige Kommunikation e.V. (LebKom) reports in a current communication about the latest experiences of a travel group on site and promotes participation.

The group lives with Lencer, the hostess and her family near Lake Victoria. For 16 days, travelers have left everyday life and immersed in the lives of Kenyan people. "I am very moved by the joy and warmth shown to me as a stranger," says one participant about her experiences.

Health station set up on site

"Living with people in their other culture, as we do in the co-travel project, also means getting to know new ways of development cooperation through which our friends improve their living situation," said LebKom. In this way, Lencer led her new friends to the health center, which was built by her local women's group together with LebKom. “There are about 20 chairs in front of the building. All are occupied. Women, men and children hope that the trained specialist staff will provide them with medical care and they will receive it, ”the travelers report of their experiences. The hostess explained that before this ward existed, some medical help was too late because the nearest hospital was too far away. It was her dream to change this and to ensure medical aid for the people in her region.

More projects planned

Thanks to the co-travel project, the dream could be realized, since the Kenyan women generated an income from the joint project, with which and with the constant support of a social worker from LebKom, they built the health station. "Today, it is a blessing especially for all women in the region, as they can also find support here in matters of family planning, pregnancy and childbirth," the association said. The "Healthy Water" project is currently being implemented on the same basis, with which rainwater tanks will soon provide women and their families with clean water.

Support, but not patronize

"It was a real experience to experience first hand what can change when you join forces, consistently pursue ideas and have friends who advise and support but don't patronize," says one of the fellow travelers about their impressions. She looks back gratefully on the past weeks. The Kenyans and their families treated her from the beginning with openness, warmth and trust and also enabled her to open up to them. “Immersing yourself in your life lets me see mine from a new perspective. I'll be back ”, the woman concluded. Interested parties can find out more about the possibilities of participating on the website of the Kenya Mit-Reis project. (pm)

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