Health: Eating 2 burgers is healthier than eating a burger and fries?

Health: Eating 2 burgers is healthier than eating a burger and fries?

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How does the balance of meals affect the body?

Many people in Germany like to eat a burger. French fries are often a very popular accompaniment to burgers. Nutrition experts are now recommending that a second burger should be consumed instead of fries at such a meal. The reason given for this is that it makes sense to concentrate on the balance of a meal in order to avoid, for example, so-called cravings.

Food is often divided into two different categories - healthy and unhealthy. However, it is more important than the orientation of such a subdivision to pay attention to the balance of individual meals in the diet.

The importance of protein, fat and carbohydrates for a healthy diet

If you want to eat a balanced meal, three food components are particularly important. It is protein, fat and carbohydrates. These components take on various functions in the body. For example, protein is very important for muscle function. Carbohydrates are an important source of energy and fat is used by the body to process vitamins and minerals. When these three important building blocks of nutrition are in balance, this is the sign of a balanced diet. Such a form of nutrition would, for example, result in those affected less often suffering from so-called cravings, explains nutritionist Emily Field on her English-language portal.

Why would you prefer a second burger instead of fries?

For a classic fast food meal, you'd better eat two burgers instead of choosing fries as a side dish. The explanation for this is simple: a single burger (without cheese and sauce) has between 300 and 400 calories. The Bürgerbrötchen contains carbohydrates and the meat contains important protein and fat. French fries, on the other hand, mainly contain carbohydrates and fat. In view of the lack of protein, these are not compatible with the principle of a balanced diet. In other words, fries with a burger are not recommended. If the fries are omitted and a second burger is consumed instead, this can double the protein intake and at the same time fat and carbohydrates are saved.

A well balanced diet is very important

The eating rule, which may seem bizarre to some people, has already been scientifically substantiated. An investigation found that a well-balanced diet is very important because different macronutrients play an important role in regulating human blood sugar levels. The results of the study were recently published in the journal Nutritional Metabolism.

How many carbohydrates, fats and protein should we eat every day?

The Austrian Society for Nutrition (ÖGE) advises that at least 50 percent of the daily energy intake should be in the form of carbohydrates. In women, this would correspond to an amount of at least 230 grams. In men, the value is at least 300 grams. Of this, protein should make up about eight to ten percent of the daily energy requirement and fats should make up about 30 percent.

Eat as little saturated fat as possible

If people have an energy requirement of 2,000 kilocalories, the recommended fat percentage of 30 percent corresponds to about 65 grams. So-called saturated fatty acids are mostly contained in animal products, the proportion of these fatty acids should be kept as low as possible in the diet, otherwise the body could have a negative impact on blood lipids, the experts say. (as)

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