Three-year-old child dies after scratching chickenpox

Chickenpox scratched: boy (3 years) dies of streptococcal infection
In the UK, a three-year-old boy died after eating chicken pox. At first it was said that he died of a sudden child death. Now it turned out that he was infected with streptococci. The bacteria have probably got into the child's body by scratching the chickenpox.

At first there was talk of sudden child death
According to media reports, a three-year-old boy died in the UK because of eating chicken pox. As the newspaper "Mirror" reports, Bryan-Andrew died on August 11 last year. His mother was initially told that her son had died of a sudden child death. But it has now been revealed that the toddler had contracted type A streptococci. The infection resulted in blood poisoning and eventually the boy's death. His mother now warned other parents about the newspaper to be particularly vigilant about chickenpox diseases in the offspring.

Chickenpox is one of the most common teething problems
Chickenpox is one of the most common teething problems and is extremely contagious. The most typical symptom that indicates this infectious disease is a red, itchy rash with small nodules on the skin.

In addition, there is often fever, headache, fatigue and body aches.

You are immune to it all your life if you have had it, but you run the risk of developing shingles later.

Adults also fall ill, but the majority of patients are children. The disease itself cannot be treated, only the symptoms can be alleviated with medication or home remedies.

According to health experts, the disease usually takes a harmless course in children.

Mother warns other parents
The 23-year-old Jasmine S. from England was not particularly worried when her son contracted chickenpox.

"My other child had her and he was perfectly fine. He had no problems at all, ”she told the“ Mirror ”.

After the tragic death of her son from a streptococcal infection, she now wants to warn other parents: "If your child has chickenpox, an infection can occur," says Jasmine S.

Chickenpox vaccination
According to the newspaper report, the woman said that after a post-mortem examination, she was informed that the boy may have contracted the streptococcal infection after scratching his chickenpox.

"It happens so rarely. I'm trying to raise awareness of other mothers, ”said the 23-year-old. “I think it is important to know what can happen, even what you least expect. I thought chickenpox was normal. Every child gets it. "

But all help came too late for her son: "The doctor said that even if we had brought him to the hospital and he had received antibiotics, he could not have been helped," the mother said.

Vaccination might have helped him. In Germany, statutory health insurance companies pay for such recommended vaccinations.

Various experts such as the Stiftung Warentest had advised against chickenpox vaccination in the past, but according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) "vaccination as an active immunization" represents the "best prevention of a varicella infection". The varicella zoster -Virus (VZV) can cause shingles in addition to chickenpox. (ad)

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