New study: Good fitness is more important than BMI

New study: Good fitness is more important than BMI

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Physical activity promotes health
Our diet and inadequate physical activity are responsible for the development of obesity and the increase in chronic affluent diseases. "This includes the so-called metabolic syndrome," says cardiologist and sports medicine professor Dr. Daniel König, from the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, on the occasion of the “Sports Nutrition Practical” workshop, the German Nutrition Society, which recently took place in Bonn.

The metabolic syndrome is a collective name for various diseases and risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. This includes too much belly fat, high blood pressure, increased blood sugar and blood fat levels, which is associated with an increased risk of mortality. According to current estimates, 15 to 20 percent of the adult population in Germany have a metabolic syndrome. Regular physical activity and weight loss have a positive influence on the risk constellation of chronic diseases in many different ways.

Physical fitness along with weight loss is the optimum. But: fitness is not the same as fitness. The specialist speaks here of cardiorespiratory fitness. It describes how well breathing and blood circulation are able to supply the body with oxygen. In this sense, a »fit person with a slight overweight is better off than a slim, fit person«, says Professor König.

Many epidemiological studies show a sometimes significant decrease in chronic illnesses in sporty people. In order to achieve the necessary level of fitness, an additional energy turnover of around 1,000 to 1,500 kilocalories / week through physical activity is necessary. This can be achieved by doing 5 times a week of 45 minutes of moderate intensity or 3 times a week of 45 minutes of high intensity. Moderate means: you can still talk to your fellow man / woman while you are running, cycling, etc. without effort.

Activities beyond that don't bring much. "On the other hand," says König, "the body also has no memory effect." This means that if the physical activities cease or cease, the positive effects once achieved are lost again. Rüdiger Lobitz, resp

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