Start of the flu season: Minister of Health calls for vaccination

Start of the flu season: Minister of Health calls for vaccination

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Especially for older and chronically ill people: Minister calls for flu vaccination
Experts have set the start of the new flu season for early October. Bavaria's Minister of Health Melanie Huml has now called for getting vaccinated against this viral disease in good time. Especially chronically ill and older people should protect themselves.

Flu season starts in early October
Experts have set the start of the new flu season for early October. However, several flu cases were reported in various regions of Germany in September. The number of diseases can fluctuate greatly depending on the season. It is important to correctly recognize the flu and treat it accordingly. Vaccination is recommended for some groups of people for prevention.

Difference between flu and cold
The course of a flu season cannot be predicted. The season usually starts in January and lasts three to four months on average, but this time the first flu cases were reported in Bavaria in September.

Not every patient with such a disease goes to the doctor and even with the corresponding symptoms it is not always determined whether there is a flu or a flu-like infection.

Since the symptoms are somewhat similar, the difference between cold and flu is not immediately clear to everyone.

One point at which it becomes very clear what it is is the beginning: A flu occurs suddenly. Often you feel healthy in the morning and suddenly you have a fever of 40 degrees in the evening.

Usually symptoms such as headache and body aches, chills, cough and runny nose are added. Those affected usually feel very sick. The disease usually lasts for five to seven days.

Bavaria's Minister of Health Melanie Huml warns in a current message: "A flu illness should not be underestimated. It is not a harmless runny nose, but a serious illness. If the course is severe, the flu can also have consequences such as an inflammation of the heart muscle or pneumonia. "

Health Minister calls for vaccination
The politician, who is a licensed doctor, called for the start of the new flu season to get vaccinated against this viral disease in good time.

“In particular, chronically ill people and people over the age of 60 should protect themselves from the flu in autumn. This vaccination is also indispensable for staff in hospitals and care facilities, ”said the minister.

She added: “Flu vaccination is also recommended for pregnant women. Contact persons for advice on vaccination are, for example, general practitioners, gynecologists and pediatricians and the health department. "

Huml went on to explain: “Those who are vaccinated not only protect themselves, but also other people. It is therefore important that as many people as possible take the opportunity to be vaccinated against flu. "

Protection needs to be refreshed every season
Ultimately, everyone has to decide for themselves whether a flu vaccination makes sense.

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), it can also offer protection at the beginning and in the course of the flu wave.

The vaccination needs to be refreshed every year because the vaccine is reassembled for every season to meet the latest flu viruses.

According to the Bavarian Ministry of Health, the vaccination is usually well tolerated, the costs are borne by the statutory health insurance companies.

Protect against infection
In order to protect yourself from infection, it is generally a good idea to strengthen the immune system and keep away from the sick.

According to scientific studies, flavonoids, which are found in black tea, red wine and blueberries, can also prevent infection.

But if you get caught, the main thing to take care of yourself for flu and colds is to drink a lot and to stay in bed for a few days.

Healthy onions, among other things, have proven themselves as home remedies for flu. (ad)

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