Healthy onion cake time in autumn: the spicy vegetables are a real miracle

Healthy onion cake time in autumn: the spicy vegetables are a real miracle

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Onions offer many health benefits
Now in autumn, many people are looking forward to fresh onion tart. Whether with Federweißer or pure - the hearty cake is a delicious kitchen classic that can be easily prepared at home. In addition to that, onions are a proven home remedy for earache and many other complaints. But the tuber can also cause resentment if there is flatulence after eating or cutting becomes torture.

Use as a medicinal plant is often underestimated
Onions are very popular in Germany and are used in many dishes because of their aromatic heat. On the other hand, the health-promoting effect of the tuber is often underestimated. Even in ancient times, the onion was not only a popular vegetable, but was also valued as a valuable medicinal plant and used against a wide range of ailments.

Proven home remedy for inflammation and cold
The onion is still used today, for example, for earache, cough, runny nose or toothache. Because of their anti-inflammatory properties, the tubers are a proven home remedy for boils and bronchitis and provide first aid for wasp stings and allergic shock.

Studies have shown that regular consumption of raw onions can reduce the risk of stomach or pancreatic cancer due to the presence of flavonoids, and other ingredients such as quercetin are even said to protect against heart attacks and strokes. It is not without reason that the onion was chosen as the medicinal plant of the year in 2015.

Flatulence caused by raw onions
Eating spicy vegetables can also have very unpleasant after-effects. Raw onions in particular quickly lead to a bloated belly and excessive gas formation, since they contain the sugar type rhamnose, which the human organism cannot digest. It is only in the large intestine that there is decomposition by gas-forming bacteria, which leads to increased bloating and malodorous winds. The remedy is heating, as this partially breaks down the sugar and makes the onion more tolerable.

Chemical reaction leads to tears
Cutting the tuber can also be tedious if the eyes tear and burn so much that you can hardly see anything. The reason for the irritation is a chemical reaction. When the onion is cut, the sulfur-containing amino acid alliin and the enzyme alliinase come into contact with one another, whereby the enzyme splits the amino acid into the highly aromatic allicin.

In the air, this forms the active ingredient propanthial sulfoxide, which is responsible for the tears when cutting onions. The irritating ingredients have an important function for the plant because they offer protection against hungry predators and pathogens. (No)

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