Sliding with children on your lap often results in serious injuries

Sliding with children on your lap often results in serious injuries

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Children often break their legs when they slide with adults
Surely you have seen or experienced situations like this before in your life. Adults put children on their slides on their lap to protect them from injuries or because the children don't dare to slide alone. However, researchers have now found that parents should let their children slide alone on their own. Because as soon as adults put toddlers on their lap while sliding, the child's risk of breaking their legs increases.

The University of Iowa researchers found that when adults with toddlers slide on their laps, it increases the likelihood of children's leg breaks. Physicians will publish the results of their study on Monday, September 18, at this year's American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference & Exhibition meeting in Chicago.

Researchers are investigating the injuries of over 12,500 slides
For the study, the experts evaluated about 12,700 slipping accidents that affected children up to five years of age. “The most common child injuries were at this age. These injuries were particularly common when children slid on other people's laps, ”said study author Charles Jennissen from the University of Iowa.

Many parents cannot assess the danger
Fractures on the lower extremities often occur when children get their legs caught on the slide somewhere. Nevertheless, the swing of the slipping adult is usually sufficient to push the child further. This can result in serious injuries to the legs. On the other hand, if the child slides alone, their legs are exposed to much less force. Most parents may not be aware that slipping with a child on their lap can cause serious injury to their child. Many parents would certainly not show such behavior if they had been informed about the risk beforehand, the scientists say.

36 percent of injuries on slides are fractures
Doctors examined the types of injuries young children experienced on playground slides. In the United States alone, an estimated 352,698 children under the age of six were injured on slides between 2002 and 2015, the researchers report. Many of the injuries that occurred were leg fractures. In children under the age of six, most injuries occurred in toddlers aged between 12 and 23 months. The most common injury was breakage, with a total of 36 percent of injuries being breakage. Most of these fractures affected the lower leg, the researchers explain.

How do these serious injuries occur on slides?
In the majority of cases, this type of fracture happens when the child's foot touches the edge or underside of the slide, twists, and then is torn back while the child is sitting on a parent's lap. Many parents and child carers slide on their laps with a young child without worrying about the possible effects, explains Professor Charles Jennissen from the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine.

If children slide alone, serious injuries can occur
The size and weight of the adults appear to play a major role in the potential for injury. If a small child slides alone, it is difficult to injure the legs, even if the foot gets caught on the slide. The reason for this is the low forces that occur. The researchers report that the force that occurs when an adult moves a child on a lap on a slide on a slide would break the child's bones easily if the child's foot gets stuck on the slide.

Experts advise: Let your children slide alone
The experts recommend that adults and teenagers should no longer slide on their laps with a small child in the future. Parents or childcare providers who still slide on the lap with a child should be extremely careful to prevent the child's foot from getting caught on the slide. (as)

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