Dental accident like Mario Götze: How doctors save teeth after sports accidents

This is how teeth can be saved after a dental accident
Mario Götze was injured in Borussia Dortmund's Champions League match against Tottenham Hotspur when central defender Jan Vertonghen slapped him on the face with his arm. After the game, it was said that an incisor had shifted at Götze as a result of this impact. Dr. Stephan Ziegler, head dentist and founder of the KU64 dental practice in Berlin, explains the procedure for such sports accidents:

“When a tooth shifts, we try to gently push it back to its original place. If the tooth root is damaged, the patient also needs root treatment. If everything is back in its normal position, we use rails or titanium wires for stabilization. Most of the wound is healed within six weeks.

If there is only a shift with Mario Götze, he can play again soon, but should wear a mouthguard to prevent further damage. Sports accidents often involve the loss of a tooth. Affected people should not touch the tooth that has been knocked out by the root, nor disinfect it, so that the sensitive root canal is preserved. If the tooth is kept in a suitable liquid, such as UHT milk or sterile saline, we can still re-implant it up to 48 hours after the loss, i.e. put it back in its original place in the mouth.

Special rescue boxes are now used at sporting events. They contain a special nutrient medium that keeps the tooth alive as long as possible. Regardless of whether a sports accident ends with a tooth shift or loss, those affected should always consult a specialist as soon as possible. ”(Pm)

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