Chinese medicine can help with food intolerance

Chinese medicine helps against food intolerance
Intolerance to certain foods is almost a common disease today - and the trend is rising. Five times as many people suffer from gluten intolerance alone as they did 50 years ago. Those affected only have to consistently forego the incompatible food components, as there is no cure according to conventional medicine. With Chinese medicine, on the other hand, the menu can be gradually expanded again.

Bloating, nausea, abdominal distension, restlessness in the abdomen, frequent winds as well as pain and diarrhea are the most common symptoms when the wrong thing is eaten. When the reactions go deep, sufferers usually also suffer from fatigue, depression, circulatory disorders or joint pain. With the clearly allergic forms of reaction, tingling, burning and itching of the oral mucosa, wheals, eczema or swelling of the neck and face, including asthma, can also occur.

A provocation test reliably determines whether there is a food intolerance. For this purpose, only tolerable food is consumed for three days and then the suspicious food is consumed. If symptoms occur, they should subside after three days with light food. But why do such incompatibilities arise at all? The chief physician of the Klinik am Steigerwald, Dr. Christian Schmincke, has an explanation: "If you compare our current diet with that in earlier times, it becomes clear that today it's more about the 'too much'. The previous, economical diet with regular hunger phases keeps the body healthy. Such a low and high tide diet leads to regular recycling of stored reserves and keeps the dynamics of the metabolic processes that build up and break down Metabolic organs.

In Chinese therapy, the focus is initially on cleaning processes. Chinese medicines, mainly herbal ingredients that are drunk as decoctions, rid the body of superfluous nutrients and their breakdown products. In this way, the body learns again to distinguish between good and bad substances - Chinese called clear and cloudy energies. "The next medicinal step involves building up and regenerating the mucous membranes," adds Dr. Schmincke. In the case of allergic or autoimmune intolerances, the focus is also on the administration of medicinal plants, which help the body to eliminate inflammatory legacies through productive respiratory infections. "Every well-survived bacterial infection brings the immune system back a bit from the allergic 'wrong way'", emphasizes Dr. Make up.

Despite the good results of treating food intolerances with Chinese medicine, the therapy requires patience. If you apply them, you can delete the sentence “I can't eat that.” From your repertoire at the end of the treatment. (pm)

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