Diet: Are Raw Green Beans Toxic?

Toxic protein compound: Green beans should never be eaten raw
Most types of vegetables can be eaten raw, but green beans cannot. Because they contain a toxic protein compound, the so-called phasin. This substance can be particularly dangerous for children. Even lethal poisoning cannot be excluded.

Toxic protein compound in raw beans
Most types of vegetables can be eaten raw. However, green beans are an exception. Uncooked green beans such as bush or fire beans contain a toxic protein compound, the so-called phasin. The Consumer Center Bavaria points this out in a message. Consumption can be particularly dangerous for children.

Lethal poisoning cannot be excluded
Anyone who has eaten raw green beans can expect side effects. Phasin causes the red blood cells to stick together in the human body. Oxygen transport in the blood is impeded.

Headaches, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting can result.

Children are particularly at risk due to their low body weight. Five to six raw beans are enough in children to cause these symptoms. If large amounts are consumed, lethal poisoning cannot be excluded.

Cook for at least ten minutes
“If the beans are cooked for at least ten minutes, the protein is largely destroyed. Cooked green beans therefore pose no danger to humans, ”explains Heidrun Schubert, nutrition expert at the Bavarian Consumer Center.

According to the experts, there is also a considerable amount of phasin in the blanching water of green beans, which is why the water should always be thrown away.

Healthy plant substances and vitamins
Boiled beans are extremely good for our health. They contain numerous healthy phytochemicals. These include flavonoids, which protect the cells in the body from harmful radicals, strengthen the immune system and have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Green beans also contain B vitamins and the potassium that is important for cell growth. Magnesium is also an important component. This mineral is good for muscles and nerves, helps with diabetes and is of course important to prevent magnesium deficiency.

Green beans often end up in a stew. But actually they are much too good for that, they can also be served well in light dishes. Delicious bean recipes can be found on the Internet, among other things. (ad)

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