Do vitamin B pills trigger lung cancer in men?

Do vitamin B pills trigger lung cancer in men?

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Vitamin B supplements are said to serve health. However, according to a Japanese study, they increase the risk of developing lung cancer.

vitamin B
The body needs vitamins and minerals. The vitamin B complex contains vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12. The body cannot store vitamin B, and the daily intake of B vitamins is necessary.

The most important role of the vitamin B complex is to absorb energy from food and give it to the body. The vitamin B complex brings appetite, eyesight, activates the nervous system, keeps the skin fresh, supports digestion, helps to utilize proteins and produce blood cells, helps the body to use fats, protects against defects in the backbone and brain.

Genes and hormones
Vitamin B also helps to form genetic material and hormones, take energy from carbohydrates and supports hair growth. The vitamin B complex is also necessary to avoid anemia caused by a B vitamin deficiency.

B vitamins dissolve in the water and we excrete their excess in the urine. Ingested in quantities, they can increase blood sugar and cause skin problems, damage the heart and liver. Excessive amounts of vitamin B 3 can impair vision, trigger nausea and cause stomach upset.

Increased risk of lung cancer in men
Scientists from Japan and the USA published their results in the “Journal of Clinical Oncology”. Accordingly, men who used vitamin B6 or B12 as a dietary supplement had a higher risk of lung cancer - but women did not.

Are vitamin supplements generally dangerous?
This increased risk only applied to vitamin B supplements, not to multivitamin supplements. Earlier studies even suggested less risk of cancer from multivitamin supplements.

The method
The researchers evaluated data from 77,000 Americans aged 50 to 76. These indicated which vitamin preparations they would have taken in the two years before.

More information
The researchers also recorded height, age, diet, education, alcohol and cigarettes, and medical histories, and took this into account in the calculations.

Six years of observation
The researchers observed the participants for six years. 808, or one percent, contracted lung cancer.

Double risk
Men who took vitamins B 6 and B 12 as a single supplement, in high doses of at least 20 milligrams of B 6 or 55 micrograms of B12, doubled their risk of developing lung cancer.

0.7% increase
1.2% of men who did not take vitamin supplements developed lung cancer over the course of their studies, 1.9% of those who consumed the most vitamin B, and 2 of those who consumed the most B12, 2%. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)

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