Knowledge: Can pregnant women actually drink coffee?

Is Coffee Harmful During Pregnancy?
Toxins damage the unborn child. Therefore, pregnant women ask themselves: Can I drink coffee, because caffeine can also be harmful. The answer is yes, but in moderation.

Coffee is not just coffee
Milk in coffee is gentle on the stomach because it binds bitter substances. However, it also inhibits improved concentration.

Coffee helps health in adults
Extreme coffee consumption harms the body, but enjoying coffee can stimulate digestion.

Can pregnant women drink coffee?
Experts say yes. Internationally, the health authorities disagree how much caffeine is harmless to the baby. A limit of 300 milligrams of caffeine per day applies in Germany, and 200 milligrams in the United States.

How much coffee is that?
According to the advice of the US authorities, two small cups are not a problem, in Germany three small cups are a guide. A small espresso is equivalent to a large milk coffee.

Caffeine not coffee
It's not about coffee, it's about caffeine. This is also found in mate, cola, black tea and energy drinks, as well as in chocolate. For example, drinking an energy drink of 250 ml is equivalent to a large cup of coffee.

What do you do without?
Pregnant women should refrain from caffeine tablets and drinks with an increased caffeine content, so-called wake-ups. Avoid dangerous energy drinks with additives.

Finished products?
Ready-made powders such as cappuchino, 3 in 1 etc. are less problematic because the coffee content is very low and is only 9% to 15%. The rest consists mainly of sugar and milk powder. Pay attention here to the sugar content and the additives.

What can happen?
Studies suggest that high caffeine intake can trigger premature birth. In addition, too much caffeine limits growth.

Coffee for nursing mothers?
The same applies to breastfeeding women as to pregnant women. The baby takes in the caffeine. Therefore you should stick to the coffee limit.

a stomach ache
Studies in Brazil have shown that two to three small coffee cups a day do not prevent the baby from sleeping. At higher doses, however, the child's stomach ache can be the result.

Breast milk tips
However, there is a trick: if you drink the coffee immediately after breastfeeding, the caffeine content in the body drops rapidly until the next breastfeeding.

Coffee helps to get pregnant
Coffee is even good to conceive a child: regular coffee consumption can increase the likelihood of pregnancy (Dr. Utz Anhalt)

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