Wasp stings: Immediately remove the poison from the skin

Wasp stings: Immediately remove the poison from the skin

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Lump sugar soaks up the poison - which home remedies help with a wasp sting?
Late summer is wasp season and the black and yellow insects are increasingly looking for food. They are also attracted to human food and the risk of a painful wasp sting increases significantly. Various home remedies can help with such a bite, but it is quick to act so that the insecticide cannot spread in the body in the first place. If a throat is stabbed, a doctor or an emergency doctor should always be contacted immediately, as in the worst case the respiratory tract can swell.

Wasp stings are painful, but usually the healing process is without complications. However, such a bite can be life-threatening for allergy sufferers and serious complications can also occur in non-allergy sufferers. Rapid action is therefore required for a wasp sting to remove the poison from the wound before it can spread further in the organism.

Lump sugar on the injection site
The less poison there is in the skin, the less reaction there is. To remove the poison from the wound, a moistened piece of sugar cubes, for example, is suitable, which is placed on the injection site and can thus absorb the poison from the wound, reports the news agency "dpa".

Destroy the wasp venom with heat
Because the wasp venom is made up of protein molecules, heat is another option. For example, the structure of the poison can be destroyed by dabbing it with a heated spoon. The heat must be selected so that no burns occur, and the process can be repeated several times with a certain interval (also on the next and / or the day after next). Other home remedies for wasp stings Gegen-wespenstiche/ are aimed primarily at minimizing inflammation and preventing possible infections.

The chronically ill are increasingly at risk of complications
Older people with chronic illnesses in particular should pay more attention to protection against wasp and bee stings, Christine Eichler, chief physician of the Evangelical Center for Geriatric Medicine in Potsdam, told the dpa. Because complications are particularly common in these people. Also, diabetics, for example, would often not feel when they were stung and the sting would only be noticed when it had already ignited.

Protective measures against wasp stings
Caution should be exercised, especially when eating and drinking outdoors, and beverages should be covered with a beer mat or a napkin, for example, according to the “dpa” message. It is better to avoid opaque bottles or cans, and leftovers should be cleared away immediately after the meal. If a wasp gets lost in the clothing, it is advisable to take off the garment without squeezing the wasp and provoking a sting.

Since allergy sufferers can experience shortness of breath and other severe symptoms within a few minutes after a wasp sting, they should ideally always carry an emergency kit with them so that they can react in the event of a wasp sting. So-called “anti-bite pens” are also commercially available for non-allergy sufferers, which can be carried at any time and are intended to destroy the poison if they are applied directly to the engraving. (fp)

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