Healing powers of nature: staying in the green promotes health

Healing powers of nature: staying in the green promotes health

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Out into nature: Do good for your health by staying in the country
Increasing work pressure and stress endanger health. Relaxation and rest are important for people. The best way to switch off is to go into nature. Because stays in the green promote health. This has also been shown in studies.

Where stress-stricken people can relax
More and more complex tasks, numerous appointments and overstimulation in the bustle of the big city: Stress and work pressure can make us sick. Nevertheless, it is not so easy for some people to let go and relax. If you are stressed, it could help if you choose the right environment for your relaxation. An expert knows which places have a particularly relaxing effect.

Leisure time in nature
Hiking, mountain and bike tours: Many people are drawn to nature in their free time. You are doing something good for your health.

The environmental health psychologist Renate Cervinka also knows this, and has been doing research at the Medical University of Vienna for decades on the influence of nature on people.

In a message from the dpa news agency, the expert explains: "The mind recovers best in the green."

Adapted to the pace of nature
She also has an explanation for why this is the case: if you concentrate on something in everyday life and at the same time hide something that is annoying - for example, the vibrating of your cell phone or the reference to the receipt of an e-mail - the mind gets tired.

Nature offers a kind of counterworld which, according to the expert, corresponds to man much more than the urban environment.

"Humans are actually adapted to the pace that nature dictates," says Cervinka, according to dpa. In addition, for example, in the forest or at the sea, people are less stimulated than in a big city.

The mind must be allowed to switch off
That doesn't mean that you have to move to the country right away. But after spending time in nature you are more productive again. According to Cervinka, this is well documented by studies.

A prerequisite for this is, of course, that the mind can switch off. If you sit on a mountain stream with your smartphone, it is much less relaxing.

You can also find relaxation in your own garden. But it should be as beautiful green as nature.

Greening the home garden
A research group led by Renate Cervinka found in a study that the recreational effect in the home garden depends on how many plants there are in relation to other elements such as patios or furniture.

The expert explains in a message: "Our survey showed that the more natural elements in the garden, the higher the recovery factor".

The most important factor for relaxation is the personal relationship with the garden. If you experience joy here and are satisfied with your garden and appreciate it, experience resonance and can relax and recover well.

"The message is that you should design your garden close to nature and, above all, that you should enjoy it".

Integrate relaxation into everyday life
Relaxation should generally be an integral part of everyday life - also at work.

According to experts, it is important, among other things, to balance leisure time in a targeted manner in order to balance work and leisure.

Stress reduction options include relaxation techniques such as yoga or progressive muscle relaxation. These can often also be integrated into everyday work - for example during breaks.

You can also relax with a simple mindfulness training in everyday life. (ad)

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