Plastics in frozen foods: Recall of rice dishes started at Netto

Plastics in frozen foods: Recall of rice dishes started at Netto

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Recall of frozen rice dish due to possible plastic parts
Copack has started a recall for the frozen meal "Nasi Goreng". Plastic parts may be included in the product. The rice dish was sold net at the grocery discount store.

Recall for frozen rice dish
The company Copack Tiefkühlkost Produktionsgesellschaft mbH from Bremerhaven is recalling the product "Nasi Goreng" with the name "Satori" (750g freezer bags). According to the company, only goods with the best-before date printed on the back of the packaging and lot number L7163N12 are affected. The product was offered at Netto Marken-Discount.

Foreign matter in packs cannot be excluded
"It cannot be ruled out that plastic foreign bodies can be found in individual packs of the product," says a message.

According to information from the company, the trading company concerned reacted immediately and "for reasons of preventive consumer protection, has taken the goods from the sale as a precaution".

Customers who have bought the corresponding product can return it to their shops without a presentation of the sales receipt.

Foreign bodies in food
In food production, due to errors in the manufacturing processes, contamination or foreign bodies such as aluminum or plastic residues can occur again and again.

It can become especially dangerous if the objects are glass.

Broken glass and broken glass can lead to serious injuries in the mouth and throat or to internal injuries. (ad)

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