Baby is born pregnant with her brother

Medical phenomenon: newborn was born "pregnant"
A boy was born in India who was "pregnant" himself; he carried his twin within him. This medical phenomenon, called "foetus in foeto", is extremely rare. Experts are still puzzling over the possible causes.

Newborn carries his twin in his stomach
According to media reports, a 19-year-old mother gave birth to a boy in India who bore his twin. Already nine days before the birth, an abnormality in the belly of the pregnant woman was found during a routine examination. When the baby was born, the doctors found that there was a male fetus in the newborn who was seven centimeters tall and weighed 150 grams.

Fetus was operated out
During another examination after the birth, Dr. Bhavna Thorat from Bilal Hospital in Mumbra see the bones of the upper and lower limbs of the fetus, reports the British newspaper "Mirror".

But: "The unique thing was that I could see a small head with the brain," said the radiologist.

The fetus, which was behind the stomach of the healthy newborn, was operated on in the hospital.

"The baby is doing very well now, and the mother will soon feed him," said the gynecologist Dr. Neena Nichlani.

Extremely rare phenomenon
"It's a case of monozygotic twin pregnancy, in which the fetuses share a placenta and the one wraps around the other and robs him of food," said Dr. Nichlani.

The medical phenomenon "Foetus in foeto" is a rare form of twin pregnancy. According to experts, it occurs statistically in one in 500,000 births worldwide. There are only 200 documented cases so far.

Doctors are not sure how such errors in development can occur.

In a case described in the Hong Kong Medical Journal, the doctors suspect that it could possibly be due to multiple abortions of the mother. The experts report there about a girl from Hong Kong who had a baby in her stomach at birth.

A case in Europe also became known years ago. In 2008, a six-centimeter long fetus was removed from the stomach of a nine-year-old girl in Greece. According to reports, this was partially differentiated, with long hair, spine and eyes. (ad)

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