Alcohol abuse: Many children suffer passively from drinking their parents

Passive drinking: Millions of children suffer from their parents' alcohol abuse
Studies have shown that the later alcohol consumption of the children is shaped by the parents. But even in childhood, the offspring suffers from the consequences of alcohol abuse by parents. In this context, experts speak of "passive drinking".

Alcohol consumption is harmful to health
It has long been known that alcohol increases the risk of numerous diseases such as high blood pressure, fatty liver or various types of cancer. He can also make you addicted. Actually, parents should address the right handling of beer, schnapps and the like early on with their offspring, but many are unable to do so because they themselves suffer from alcoholism. Your children then suffer from so-called "passive drinking".

Two million children from families with alcohol problems
According to the German Center for Addiction Issues (DHS), one to two million children grow up in families with alcohol problems and their development is at risk, reports the dpa news agency.

In addition, every fifth to sixth pregnant woman drinks alcohol at least occasionally, even though a glass during pregnancy can be dangerous for the health of the offspring.

But not only children in addict families are affected as passive drinkers: under the influence of alcohol, numerous crimes and accidents occur, which cause many victims.

In 2015, a total of 256 people died on the street because drivers had drunk too much alcohol. Relatives and rescuers are also affected by the consequences.

Demanding more engagement against alcohol abuse
As it says in the dpa report, the DHS considers the term passive drinking as a counterpart to passive smoking to be justified, even if health effects usually do not directly relate to the active ingredient alcohol in the body.

"Passively affected by alcohol consumption can be found in almost all areas of life," said DHS Managing Director Raphael Gaßmann.

The expert puts the health damage caused by alcohol at around 40 billion euros a year.

The DHS is required to make alcohol consumption more expensive through higher taxes, to consistently extend access to 18 years and to ban sales outside of restaurants at night. (ad)

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