Protection against germs: Always boil raw milk before drinking

Protection against germs: Always boil raw milk before drinking

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Natural product: boil raw milk before consumption
Raw milk is becoming increasingly popular with many consumers. In contrast to drinking milk, the natural product is not pasteurized. However, experts advise to boil the milk before consumption to prevent health risks from germs.

Boil raw milk before drinking
Milk is healthy. It provides calcium, fat and protein and, in smaller quantities, also vitamins. However, one should be careful with raw milk. In contrast to drinking milk, this is not pasteurized and therefore unprocessed. Raw milk can therefore contain dangerous germs and should therefore always be boiled before consumption, experts warn.

Natural nutrition
"Some people want a" particularly natural "diet with as few processed products as possible and therefore ask for raw milk," writes the Landesbauernverband Landvolk Niedersachsen on its website.

"Others hope for a special immunization through untreated milk and thus measure it to have an almost therapeutic effect," it continues.

The protective effects have also been described in scientific studies.

Researchers from the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich (LMU) reported in the journal "Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology" that raw milk is a good protection against asthma in children.

Germ contamination cannot be excluded
However, consumers should always boil the natural product before drinking. Because raw milk can contain germs that can trigger illnesses.

"Even with the best hygiene and excellent management, the bacterial load can never be completely ruled out," said the people of Lower Saxony.

The commercial drinking milk is generally gently pasteurized and therefore does not need to be boiled.

Eating untreated milk can make you sick
The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) also stated in a statement that the consumption of untreated milk can lead to serious illnesses.

The experts also advise consumers to boil raw milk before consuming it.

"The BfR also advises against the preparation and consumption of unheated (" cold ") cocoa drinks or other milk mix drinks (milkshakes) made from raw milk directly on site or at home," the statement said.

Milk from the machine
Raw milk is often available for purchase directly on the farm or can be bottled at so-called milk filling stations in rural regions.

As the farmers' association Landvolk Niedersachsen reports on its website, "the farmer must clearly and legibly put the note" raw milk, boil before consumption "at the delivery point.

The raw milk may only be released on the day of production and on the following day. Continuous cooling must be ensured. (ad)

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