Werther effects after suicide by Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington

Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington
The German Depression Aid Foundation regrets the death of Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington. Initial reports assume suicide.

The reporting of suicides is associated with particular responsibility, since the risk of the so-called "Werther effect", i.e. triggering counterfeit suicides.
The imitation risk decreases if:

1. Helplines and help contacts are given in the reports, e.g. Telephone counseling in Germany 0800 111 0 111/0800 111 0 222 or, in acute cases, always the emergency doctor,
Expert opinions are obtained,

2. alternative solutions to problems and cases of crisis management are shown,

3. Suicide is presented in the media as a result of an illness (e.g. depression) that could have been successfully treated (90% of all suicides occur in the context of depression and other mental illness)

4. Background information on the clinical picture can be given.

Most of the suicides take place against the background of mental illnesses
Almost 90% of the approximately 10,000 suicides and 150,000 suicide attempts in Germany each year take place against the background of an often under-treated mental illness, most often depression.

“Depression goes hand in hand with great suffering and deep hopelessness. In the depression, existing problems are perceived to an increased extent and there is always a loss of belief that this painful state will ever improve and can be helped. In desperation, people see suicide as the only way to escape this unbearable state, ”says Prof. Ulrich Hegerl, psychiatrist and chairman of the board of the Deutsche Depressionionshilfe Foundation.

Professional treatment for depression is the most important measure to prevent suicides. “Most people with depression can be helped with medication and psychotherapy. Therefore, as with any other disease, it is crucial to get professional help quickly, i.e. to contact the family doctor or a neurologist or psychiatrist directly, ”says Hegerl. (pm)

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