Fatal infection after a kiss: baby died a few days after birth

Fatal infection after a kiss: baby died a few days after birth

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Mother warns after the death of her baby: don't let everyone kiss your baby
Little Mariana was only 18 days old. The girl from the USA caught a life-threatening herpes infection a few days after birth, which she did not survive. It is believed that the infant became infected through the kiss of an infected person. The mother now warns other parents: "Don't let everyone kiss your baby."

Two out of three people are infected with herpes viruses
According to health experts, two out of three people are infected with herpes viruses, the majority do not even notice it. The viruses often only become active due to certain influences such as stress or strong sunlight and lead, among other things, to herpes in the mouth. Some people need to be extra careful. Adults with cold sores should be very careful when contacting young children. Because even a kiss from them could be fatal to babies, as a case from the United States shows.

Parents lost a few days old baby
The worst thing that can happen to parents happened to a young couple from the United States: they lost their child when it was only a few days old.

According to media reports, the daughter of Nicole and Shane Sifrit was born perfectly healthy, but became infected with the herpes simplex virus (HSV-1) a few days after birth.

This pathogen can lead to meningitis. Little Mariana also fell ill.

Best week of life ended dramatically
It was supposed to be the best week of her life. Nicole and Shane Sifrit's daughter, born in West Des Moines, Iowa, was born on July 1. They called her Mariana. The wedding of the young couple took place on July 7th.

"The birth of our baby was great, it's one of the best feelings in the world when you can give birth to a child," Shane told WHO.

But two hours after the wedding, the parents noticed that their little one no longer wanted to drink and did not wake up.

So they immediately left their own wedding and took their child to Blank Children's’s Hospital in Des Moines. There the doctors found that the little girl had been infected with HSV-1.

Probably infected by a kiss
It remained unclear who the baby was infected with. Certainly not with the parents, since both the father and the mother tested negative for the virus, as they told the broadcaster “WHO”.

Probably by kissing someone else. It is known that cold sores are often transmitted unnoticed because those affected often do not know about their infection themselves.

The virus can quickly trigger a life-threatening situation in newborns by attacking the central nervous system, liver, lungs, skin and eyes. In addition, permanent brain damage can also remain after an infection

If inflammation of the brain (herpes encephalitis) develops, the symptoms can initially resemble flu. The baby gets a pale complexion, looks listless or restless, is shaky or cramped.

There may also be a fever. In such cases, according to health experts, rapid treatment with antiviral drugs and intensive care is required.

Little girl lost the fight against the virus
With Mariana, who was brought to the intensive care unit, the therapeutic measures did not lead to success: “It suddenly went downhill. Within two hours she had stopped breathing and all of her organs had started to expose, ”said the father.

Eventually she lost the fight against the virus. Mariana was only 18 days old. The parents have made their daughter's fate public to warn others of the dangers.

Her mother wrote in a post on Facebook: "We hope that Mariana's story will save many newborns."

"Don't just let everyone kiss your baby and make sure they ask for permission before they lift your baby up," Nicole told WHO.

"And tell everyone to wash their hands before touching the baby."

Treat herpes as early as possible
In adults, health experts advise treating cold sores as early as possible. But what helps against herpes?

In the normal course, drugs are often used to inhibit virus multiplication. However, the infection does not always have to be treated with antiviral drugs.

Sometimes home remedies for herpes, such as manuka honey or tea tree oil, are sufficient. It can take up to two weeks from the outbreak of the herpes to the healing. (ad)

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