Healthy life: is spelled grain healthier than conventional wheat?

Healthy life: is spelled grain healthier than conventional wheat?

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Spelled or wheat: which grain is better?
Be it in the form of flour, as a baking mix, pasta or semolina: spelled is becoming increasingly popular. There are also health reasons for this. Because the grain has some advantages over other types such as wheat.

Spelled cultivation was discontinued for a long time
Although spelled had been grown in many regions of Europe until the 20th century, cultivation was almost completely stopped due to the much lower crop yields (40 percent less than common wheat), its poor ability to be influenced by artificial fertilizers and its costly processing. Only in recent years has the tasty grain been rediscovered in the course of the natural food movement and is enjoying increasing popularity.

Ancient grain is in vogue
Spelled is now a trend. The grain tastes in bread and other pastries, in pasta, but also as a side dish.

You can find recipes for spelled pizza, spelled patties and other delicious dishes on the Internet.

The Bavarian Consumer Service explains on its website why the ancient grain is healthier than wheat in many ways.

More and higher quality protein than wheat
“Compared to wheat, spelled contains a little more and higher quality protein, more vitamins and minerals. The fat content of 2.8% is significantly higher than that of wheat, ”the experts write.

And: "Due to the high proportion of glue protein, spelled has very good baking properties."

If you are intolerant to gluten (celiac disease), spelled is not an alternative to wheat and rye. (ad)

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